2022 Annual Board Meeting Notes

McGinnis Reserve – Annual HOA/Board meeting minutes – 10/11/2022

The meetings were called to order on 10/11/22 at 6pm

Board members present:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Member At Large

Items discussed during the meeting were:

  • Call to Order/Sign in at 6pm
  • Budget being discussed
  • Board stays the same this year due to no other nominations or requests from the floor
  • Items and issues encountered this year that had a large impact on being over budget this year:
    • Steps to be repaired
    • Irrigation system
    • Built the shed at the side of the pool house
    • Tree trimming
    • Trash pickup
    • Pool contract
    • Insurance
  • Dues to be raised this year due to additional expenses and also the need to repair other items around the neighborhood:
    • Guard rails
    • Fence
    • Bridges around the lake
  • Things we have to take care of in 2023:
    • Bridges that are damaged
    • Fence by the lake has rotten boards
    • Retention pond fence
  • Things that may be addressed:
    • Fence between us and Annandale
    • Grass areas in common areas
    • Pool chairs
    • Shade structures around the pool
    • Pavilions around lake or by the tennis courts
    • Basketball court
    • Additional benches

Meeting Closed at 6:48PM