Board Meeting minutes – 06/22/2023

McGinnis Reserve – Board meeting minutes – 06/22/2023

The meetings were called to order on 06/22/2023

Board members present:

  • Vice President
  • President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Member At Large

ARC Members Present:

  • Beth Ethridge
  • Francesca Starr
  • Konica Kamal

Meeting Minutes:

  • ARC Discussion:
    • ARC applications were getting lost for a while between CMA and the ARC committee
    • Decision was made for ARC requests to go to board, ARC, and Robin: Mainly for board to also be aware of items in case there is an impact on drainage, etc.
    • TJ asking residents to take care of drainage issues
    • For shade structure discussion: Board did not provide approval, we just wanted to provide guidance that board would be ok with that possible structure.
    • Nino – put message on the board after July 4th on facebook and letter to send everyone indicating that ARC requests are required and that the ARC team has up to 30 days to respond
    • ARC to send wording for letter
  • Board discussed financials:
    • Due to maintenance expenses, our reserves are impacted and not as high as we would like
  • Maintenance work:
    • Main issue to address now are the bridges that are not in great shape and should be fixed (not all bridges impacted)
      • TJ to see about getting estimate for bridge repair